Last summer*, at the very beginning of a relationship,
I took a journey to Hiddensee with a man who
I had feelings for like I have never had before. Since then Hiddensee has become
a metaphor for our infatuation.

Two months later, the relationship came to an end.

This body of work depicts
a winter trip back to Hiddensee.

By coming back to the very roots of our relationship, I intended to question the love which I never suspected could have an end. Expecting to find nothing but a deserted seaside village, I wished to deprive the place (also a mind-space) from its magic.
I needed to demythologize the sacred, self-founded Eldorado and find the overlooked, hidden faults.

Reflecting on the sudden end,
I was rediscovering the island and taking a very close look at the Hidden, which I was incapable of noticing before.

Also, in this series, Hiddensee is not only an island in the Baltic Sea, but a state of mind as well. Hence it includes
a couple of images from some other locations, but from the same time period of grief and search for the answers.

*Written in March 2014

The selection here presented is a part of a bigger body of work.